15 tiers of dating

Down Easter: A square-rigged merchant vessel combining large carrying capacity with a relatively sharp hull.They got their name from having been built in Maine, downwind and east of all the major East Coast ports, and were being used largely for the California grain trade (1865-1890).Clipper: A variety of square-rigged speed-built merchant ships built between 17.

Cocca: Mediterranean equivalent for the Northern European cog.

Boejer: A small single-masted Dutch vessel with an extreme rounded stern and bow, normally carrying leeboards.

It had a very shallow draft but a relatively tall mast, intended for use on canals, rivers and coastal regions.

Examples of a Baltimore clipper Bark: A vessel square-rigged on all but the aftermost mast, which is fore-and-aft rigged. Most were three-masted, some were four- or five-masted vessels.

Before the mid 18th century the term Barque was also often used for any three-masted vessel not fitting any other accepted nomenclature or category.

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