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Editor-in-chief Robbie Myers dismissed the suggestion of racism, explaining: 'At a photo shoot, in a studio, that is a fashion shoot, that's glamorous, the lighting is different.

The photography is different than a red carpet shot from a paparazzi.' Skin lightening is a controversial issue in India and those with a lighter complexion are often perceived to be more successful and wealthy.

Fans of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were left stunned last week after the actress's skin appeared to have been digitally lightened on the cover of a new issue of Elle magazine.

Now the 37-year-old Bollywood star, who is widely believed to be the world's most beautiful woman, is said to be considering suing the Indian version of the title over what has been deemed 'racist airbrushing'.

John George Bartholomew, a Scottish cartographer, is believed to be the first person to use “Antartica” to refer to the continent.

However, the name was used for a different place by the French before this.

'She is currently verifying this skin-whitening allegation.

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One wrote: ‘It’s ­annoying because it seems like lighter skin is always in fashion as if darker skin is ­something to be frowned upon.’ This is not the first time Elle magazine has come under fire over such airbrushing, and this latest storm echoes one sparked by a cover of the U. On that occasion Elle claimed it had not altered the Precious star’s skin any more than that of the other models ­photographed alongside her.

Though “Australia” was used unofficially for several years, Governor Lachlan Macquarie petitioned for its official adoption in 1817.

It wasn’t until 1824 that the name was officially given to the continent.

After the Romans defeated Carthage (which is in modern-day Tunisia in Northern Africa) in the third Punic War, they called their new province “Africa.” The most popular theory as to the origin of the name is that it was named for a native tribe there—the Afri, with “Africa” then being the feminine form of “Africus”, literally meaning “land of the Afri”.

An alternate theory, which has a hole in it due to when the name was first used, is that it comes from the Phoenician word “afar” which means “dust.” Put together with the Latin suffix –ica, sometimes used to denote “land”, the name could mean “a land of dust.” Given Africa’s hot, desert-like climate in the north, which is where the Romans claimed their province, the Phoenician root is considered by many to be a plausible alternative to the “Afri tribe” theory, for the origin of Africa’s name.

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