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The follow up to the two now sold out tapes released by Filth & Violence last year. A website for the new sublabel Unsound Recordings is being set up so while I wait for that to happen I offer the LP here. Email me at unrestproductions (at) gmail (dot) com. All orders between then and midnight (give or take) will be sent tomorrow.I cannot thank those enough who've supported by purchasing! Listen here: Order here ( black on black hoodie or t-shirt would look cool.The number allocated is very small and depending on how they mean to sell them I'll let them make themselves known instead of me directing buyers their way. I understand that the total for anyone not in the UK or EU zones may be a bit steep.That's why I added a surface mail option which cuts the price down a bit but apart from that there's not much more I can do.I start the new year with the first SHIFT release in 18 months.After the detour in style that was Bulk, SHIFT returns to its origins with more heavy, slow moving, pessimistic and angry blackened shit.

So, two distros will be carrying this LP after all.

Due to my participation in the 5th anniversary of Silken Tofu the Unrest mailorder will close 10/5.

Orders can be made as usual but won't be despatched until after 23/5 when normal operations are resumed. I will carry mainly SHIFT and Unrest Productions items with only a very limited selection of distro items in Gent.

Not belittling any previous Unrest releases but this is among the most solid music I've ever had the honour of putting out. There is enormous attention to detail here with a flow that is just immaculate.

HUMAN LARVAE breaks away from the traditional German industrial style with a more personal approach thus exploring new possibilities for himself and us.

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