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Well, why don't you get settled in by the pool, and I'll bring out your drink. "Thanks, but I'm not hungry right now, and besides, I'm on a diet." Okay, I really was hungry, hungry for some cock, his cock, but I didn't have the nerve to tell him that―and technically I was on a diet; I'm always on a diet.

I don't want to get burned." Truth be told I was already burning―burning hot with desire between my legs.

Were you guys planning on going to the beach today? I did indeed look like I was ready for the beach, but I really wished that I looked like I was ready to get fucked, because that was exactly how I felt whenever I was around him. "Summer will be here before you know it," I babbled on awkwardly. Shocked by his actions, I reacted stupidly without thinking. Did he notice the puddle leaking out of my dripping pussy. I was now bare-assed to him and to the entire world. Hamilton." "Do you know the way to the pool, Ginger? "One Diet Coke, as ordered, madam," he said, all waiter-like―like I was at a resort or something. My knees were shaking when I replied, "Iced Coke, Diet Tea―I mean a Diet Coke would be great, Mr. Obviously he had never noticed me before, and certainly not in the way that I noticed him. I was rubbing sunscreen oil on my freckled upper arms when Katie's father arrived with my drink on a small, round tray.

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