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I honestly don't know what it is, I'm trying my best and it's just not good enough, and I basically feel like a piece of **** because of it. Like they expect me to know everything about them and ask a great question with little material to work with.I don't know if I've ever had a woman acknowledge me in my entire life. Maybe you need to evaluate how you 'approach' and 'talk' to these girls..are some of your opening lines? And no, I don't have any female relatives (well, cousins who live states away).Do you know how freaking low my self esteem is right now? No text messages, no calls, no Facebook anything, and no responses from this dating site.All I want is to take a girl out to eat from time to time, like a normal person and I never even get a chance.and then I met my husband after about six weeks of membership.

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I thought people on these sites were supposed to be a bit more open minded or even desperate.

I just want some companionship at this point and even this group is treating me like I'm invisible.

Thirdly, not sure if you are guilty of this, but you might want to go for the normal girls instead of the supermodels. I work out at my place, and when I go to the grocery I don't hit on girls, that would be supremely creepy to even do.

I honestly can't think of a single good place to meet women around here, except for a bar or something.

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