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Además, si algún compañero es marcado podrá prestarle su marcadora al rehén que estuviese escoltando.

Los equipos podrán emplear la táctica más conveniente, incluso abandonando la “seguridad” de sus bases si así lo creen conveniente y llevándose a sus prisioneros a otra zona.

Battlegrounds Paintball is one of the newest paintball fields in the Delaware Valley.

Players will have a fun-filled and exciting time on any one of the outdoor paintball fields.

Si al menos uno de los rehenes llega a su base el equipo habrá ganado. , ven con tus amigos a jugar y vive una experiencia inolvidable.

Fight for Skull Mountain, battle through The Fortress and find your way through The Junkyard.The game objective is not “shooting” each other just as a football game is not won simply by tackling.Each game is approximately 15 to 20 minutes so players tagged out don’t have to wait long to have another chance at helping their team win the next game.Head to the fields for paintball games, paintball camp, paintball tournaments and airsoft games.Paintball and Airsoft games are by reservation only, call 908-616-2985 to book your preferred day and time.

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