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Based on the data obtained from 3D reconstructed images, all the rations of the measurements of the right and left phalangeal and metatarsal bones belonging to the male judo players and sedentary men were shown in the and 2 in detail.

However, the outstanding statistical respects related to the volume, surface are and length rations between male judo players and sedentary men are stressed below: Although only the length of the proximal and distal phalanges of the right thumb (Digitus pirimus) was statistically different, in the left thumb, both surface area and length had statistically important ratio-related-differences.

We hope that the results from the biometric and reconstructive techniques carried out in this work will contribute to the present knowledge on judoist and shed light on the future studies on sports medicine related to skeletal structure of other sportsmen.

) presented better test results against to recreational players who took test for agility the sit-up test for abdominal muscle endurance, and the sit-and-reach test for flexibility.

After semi-automatic segmentation and manual editing, the tracings of bone surfaces were stacked and overlaid to be reconstructed as the 3D images by the 3D program.

All biometrical measurements of the reconstructed images of the bones were automatically calculated by this program to analyze statistically.

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Because of these reasons, in this study their mean measurements were not recorded as numeral.

Moreover, they also stated that judo players maintained their skinfold thickness, whereas the recreational group showed a significant increase in skin fold thickness, and that no differences were observed between both groups in coordination, flexibility of the shoulder joint, speed, endurance, body height, and body weight.

Kort and Hendriks, stated that there were no significant differences between judo athletes of varying performance levels with respect to the ratios of flexion to extension and left to right rotations.

The procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee of the faculty which are based on the Helsinki Declaration (Goodyear et al., ).

The right and left hands of both groups were placed side by side in a prone anatomic position and were scanned by high resolution imaging using a general diagnostic MDCT (Somatom Sensation 64; Siemens Medical Solutions, Forchheim, Germany).

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