Quack online dating a dating service has as clients 6 recently divorced couples

“Each bracket of age group comes looking for a unique experience.

Users who are in the age group of 18-23 come looking to make online friends. Users from 24-35 come from with a firm mindset to meet singles to go out to date or mingle and find partners to socialize with.” says Ravi Mittal, the founder of Quack

The website offers free dating and matrimonial services for singles in India.

It has features like friendship club, live chat, speed dating, and browsing options depending on the users’ personal choices.

While there are different needs to different people, Quack stands on neutral ground, helping you to find a social partner, a serious relationship or perhaps just friends.Users do proactively help in keeping the platform clean by reporting any doubts.Such members play a productive role in helping keep platform clean.It allows users above the age of 18 to join for free and create their profile.Members can use Date Dosti’s features like online chatting and creating a list of favorites.

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