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What sporting facility do you know of whose shape and construction was dictated by the landowner wanting to retain his minnow pond?At least that’s the way the grand old tale is told.When you walk into the grandstands that reach over 10 stories high, you get a feel for what it must’ve been like at Roman coliseums or what Rudy’s dad felt when he saw Notre Dame Stadium for the first time: “This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen.” “The Track Too Tough to Tame,” introduced in 1950, was NASCAR’s first speedway longer that one mile.

Drive 20 minutes outside of town to and you’re instantly transported back to Mayberry.

This track seems to bring out the best in drivers, so there’s usually some scrapping (Boris Said vs. Juan Pablo Montoya), great insults (Sterling Marlin calling Biffle a “bug-eyed dummy”; Ryan Newman saying Sterling’s hair piece fell down over his eyes), and some wild, late-race action.

Last year’s tussle between Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski and Marcos Ambrose was easily the best finish of the season.

But the addition of lights around the 1.336-mile, egg-shaped oval has kept it relevant.

During a time when many tracks can’t give tickets away, Darlington continues to sell.

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