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I ordered three items: one Black Large Cosmetic Case, one Taupe Large Cosmetic Case (0 each, measures H 5.3″ x W 8.9″ x D 4.3″) and one of the Travel Cases (0, measures H 5.9″ x W 9.4″ x D 3.5″). These are made of Saffiano Leather and are decent in quality, but the lining is not the best on the market.For something in the 0 range these are very good and I feel the large cosmetic cases are the best ones I’ve tried in terms of size, proportions and function. Today I’m rounding up some of the best travel beauty cases and makeup bags I love.If you’re in need of ideas for a fun unique gift, I think any of these would be great gift for the beauty lover or frequent traveler.

If you’ve followed my packing travel posts you’ll probably recognize several of these bags.The base is bigger/deeper so you can stack more inside.There is a nice gap on the top of the bottom (if that makes sense) so there’s a lot more room than you might think.Bobbi Brown Beauty Case (0, measures 6.406″ L x 3.844″ W x 8.609″ H) is something that has special meaning to me as Andrew gifted me a black leather case many years ago when we were in college.This was in our early dating days before he knew I was a beauty junkie! You can see which is nearly identical to this year’s inside.

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